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Monday, 20 October 2014

The Carpenters...320 Kbps

Now we have the Brother And Sister that became "The Carpenters"featured on this L/P is a couple of their "hits"...Karen had a great voice its a pity that the world lost her so young !!

1. Aurora
2. Only Yesterday
3. Desperado
4. Please Mr Postman
5. I Can Dream Can't I

1. Solitaire
2. Happy 
3. I'm Caught Between Goodbye And I Love You
4. Love Me For What I Am
5. Eventide


Hans Carste & Orchestra

Following on with some "Mood Music" also from "Bob"



Visitor from "Grants Pass" !!...could it be "Darryl Jones" !!! if it is get it touch....Mick..

Anthony Ventura Orchestra...320 Kbps

Another one from across the channel courtesy of "Bob".....some more great tunes  for the middle of the road people !!

Carly Simon...320 Kbps

This is one of Carly's early recordings in fact I think it might be her first L/P...I like Carly's voice and the tracks are all original songs presumably written by her....Unfortunately this came to me with no sleeve so there is no information and it is a Japanese release and on the Label there is no reference who has written the songs....Maybe someone out there can fill in the gaps!!! song to me is "The Girl That You Think You Are"

Judy Garland...320 Kbps

Here's Judy singing her heart out in one of the best of the "Garland "Films including one of the finest songs from it...and the video of it is below !!.....I can't believe that when the film was first released they cut out the "Born In A Trunk"...thank goodness that they put it back as that also is a great part of the film !!

1. Gotta Have Me Go With You
2. Born In A Trunk

1. Here's What I'm Here For
2. It's A New World
3. Someone At Last
4. Lose That Long Face
5. The Man That Got Away


Judy Garland - The Man That Got Away (A Star Is Born, 1954)

Ady Zenpfennig...320 Kbps

Another one from "Bob" In "Belgium"....featuring the guy with the big organ !...and it seems we have a picture of it below !....Also it looks like he's signed the L/P above !
A great selection of popular tunes that everybody will or should know !!


Helen Merrill...320 Kbps

 This one I got in a junk shop for 50p...I was intrigued by the song selection and hadn't heard any songs by Helen Merrill...It is a "Mainstream Recording" and they usually release "Jazz" releases.I had heard of "Charlie Byrd" he is a Jazz guitarist...soooooo I thought that for 50p you cant go wrong....Yep It was worth every penny and more!!!....I supose you could call it "Folksy Jazz"....I expected it to be a big band bash but was pleasantly surprised sooooooo all you out there over the pond and in the freezing snow have a listen and see what you think!!!

P.S. For any of you out there who might be hesitating in giving this one a listen too DO IT...
it's a great one and its becoming one of my favorite re-listening and re-playing L/P's...SO treat yourselves to a good ear bashing !!! Music Wise !!...of Course !!!

1. Quiet Nights
2. Careless Love
3. Scarlet Ribbons
4. The House Of The Rising Sun
5. I Left My Heart Behind
6. Cannetella

1. The River
2. Minha Rocca
3. Itsi No Komoriuta
4. Forbidden Games
5. John Anderson My Love


Sunday, 19 October 2014

Peggy Lee...320 Kbps


Another of Peggy's Latin L/P's...unfortunately this copy is not in Stereo but it still sounds great!!

1. Come Dance With Me
2. By Myself
3. You're So Right For Me
4. Just Squeeze Me 
5. Fantastico
6. Together Wherever We Go

1. Love And Marriage
2. Non Dimenticar
3. From Now On
4. You Stepped Out Of A Dream
5. Ole
6. I Can't Resist You


Tuesday, 14 October 2014

The Jazz Singer..Neil Diamond...320 Kbps


 There was not very much space between the tracks on this Neil Diamond so I have recorded it as Side One & Side Two....It was a re-make of the "Al Jolson" first talking's a very loose re-make...and nothing like the original....But it has some great songs on it !!

1. America
2. Adon Alom 
3. You Baby
4. Love On The Rocks
5. Amazed And Confused
6. On The Robert E Lee
7. Summer Love

1. Hello Again
2. Acapulco
3. Hey Louise
4. Songs Of Life
5. Jerusalem
6. Kol Nidre
7. My Name Is Yussel
8. America

Barbra Streisand....320 Kbps

This one is from "Lesley"...a compilation of singles and tracks from "Barbra's" L/P's...sorry for the jumps on a couple of tracks  tried to get rid of them but Lesley must have played them with knitting needles a couple of times !!.....Oooppppps that comment is going to get me a ducking in the pool next time we are swimming together !!!

1. Memory
2. You Don't Bring Me Flowers....with Neil Diamond
3. My Heart Belongs To Me
4. Wet
5. New York State Of Mind
6. A Man I Loved 
7. No More Tears....with Donna Summer

1. Comin' In And Out Of Your Life
2. Evergreen
3. I Don't Break Easily
4. Kiss Me In The Rain
5. Lost Inside Of You
6. The Love Inside
7. The Way We Were

Your Kind Of Puccini....320 Kbps


 Another dip into the "Classical" Bag !! This Time we are going to the Opera so I hope everyone has their "Best Bib And Tucker" On !!!...anyone out there who didn't understand that "Google" it or ask me !!...Once again most of the tracks are well known and all you Football fanatics will definitely know the last track !!..Although the titles of the tracks are in English they are sung in Italian !!

Amalia Rodrigues....320 Kbps

This one is from "Bob" for all you "Fado" enthusiasts in "Portugal" and elsewhere !!

This one is definitely worth a download !! Didn't think I would like it very much BUT been listening to it all be adventurous you Anglophiles and give it a listen I'm sure you will surprised like I was !!!!

Bread...320 Kbps

Here's one supplied by "Geoff".....Only heard "Bread's Greatest Hits" so I will leave it up to the "Bread's" fans to make comments about this recording....One of those L/P's that come under "The More You Hear It The Better It Becomes" !!!!

1. Welcome To The Music
2. The Guitar Man
3. Make It By Yourself
4. Aubrey
5. Fancy Dancer
6. Sweet Surrender

1. Tecolote
2. Let Me Go
3. Yours For Life
4. Picture In Your Mind
5. Don't Tell Me No
6. Don't Even Know Her Name



Sarah Vaughan...320 Kbps

Re-Post Requested By TKL Finland
 I think that these tracks are some early recordings of Sarah's middle 50's I should information at all on the back cover about where when or time !!

1. My Funny Valentine
2. If I Loved You
3. April Give Me One More Day
4. Saturday
5. Easy Come Easy Go Lover

1. It's De-lovely
2. Old Love
3. I've Got A New Heartache 
4. Bashful Matador
5. You'll Find Me There

Friday, 10 October 2014

Ady Zehnpfennig...320 Kbps

Here's another one of "Bob's" musical extravaganza's L/P's by someone that I have not heard of  but enjoy his playing on his "Electronic Keyboard"....pity the back sleeve is all in German ?
Then we could understand a bit more about the guy !!


Linda Lewis...320 Kbps

Re-Post Requested By Miriam

 Not played this one for quite some time... checked up on "Google"and found that she is still performing mainly jazz clubs in London ect...she was at "Gladstonbury" in 2011...This is a good cross section of what she does best with her 5 octave range track is "Its In His Kiss"..

1. Remember The Days Of The Old School Yard
2. Its In His Kiss
3. This Time I'll Be Sweeter
4. Rock And Roller Coaster
5. Not A Little Girl Anymore

1. Love Where Are You Now 
2. My Grandaddy Could Reggae
3. I Do My Best To Impress
4. May You Never
5. Love Love Love

Frank Sinatra...320 Kbps

Now we have one from "Lesley" from the Gym...A compilation of "Cole Porter" songs taken from some of Sinatra's L/P's...some are in "Stereo" and some are "electronically reprocessed Stereo"...The one's that have been "doctored" sound a bit echoeeeeeeeee and Sinatra's voice comes out of the left speaker !!...The "Stereo"are perfect pity there are only three tracks !!!

1. I've Got You Under My Skin 
2. I Concentrate On You (Stereo)
3. What Is This Thing Called Love
4. You Do Something To Me (Stereo)
5. At Long Last Love
6. Anything Goes

1. Night And Day
2. Just One Of Those Things
3. I Get A Kick Out Of You
4. You'd Be So Nice To Come Home To
5. I Love Paris (Stereo)
6. From This Moment On

Thursday, 9 October 2014

Sister Rosetta Tharpe....320 Kbps

This one I will leave the comments to the back sleeve....don't know much about gospel music so I'll keep quiet !!

1. Nothing Between
2. He's The Lily Of The Valley
3. Seeking For Me
4. Shine Four Jesus 
5. Never Alone
6. I Do Don't You

1. God Lead Us Along
2. The Family Prayer
3. What Are They Doing In Heaven
4. I Saw The Light
5. Blow Ye Trumpet In Zion
6. Oh The Joy That Came To Me

101 Strings...320 Kbps

One from Bob across the channel....with "Nelson Riddle" at the helm of the "101 Strings"