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Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Rule Britannia....320 Kbps

Here's a hefty one for my first post now I'm back from Tunisia !!...full of marching band tunes and all the British patriotic tunes including of course our "National Anthem" !!...Its a good one if you like something different....this one is courtesy of "Mary".....On "Zippyshare" I have had to make it two files but on Mega its just one file....Its a big file all 283 Mbs Zipyshare only alows you to post files of no more than 200Mbs !!

Sunday, 27 July 2014

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Holiday !!

Off on holiday today so no more posts till I get back in aprox 14 days !!

Sunday, 6 July 2014

Shirley Bassey....320Kbps

Re-Post Requested By Hit Parade

 A very early Shirley Bassey release she was about 22 when she recorded this album and had swapped labels from "Phillips" to the "Columbia" label....This was before she had her tonsils out so her voice did change a bit afterwards....But it did not make much difference to the power of her voice she could still belt those songs out when it was needed !!'s a set of classic standards sung as only "Dame Shirley" does the best....It includes her hit "The Party's Over"...but for me I  think the best one is "No One Ever Tells You"

1. A Foggy Day In London Town
2. I've Got You Under My Skin
3. Cry Me A River
4. April In Paris
5. I've Never been In Love Before
6. The Man That Got Away

1. S'wonderful
2. I'll Remember April 
3. Easy To Love
4. No One Ever Tells You
5. They Can't Take That Away From Me
6. The Party's Over

Eumir Deodato....320 Kbps

Now here's one for the "Electric Guitar" Enthusiasts there are some great "Solo's" on this L/P
and the whole L/P is great !!...including the "Hit" version of (2001) well worth a listen too even if you are not a "Guitar" enthusiast !!!

1. Also Sprach Zarathustra (2001)
2. Spirit Of Summer 
3. Carly And Carole

1. Baubles Bangles And Beads
2. Prelude To Afternoon Of A Faun
3. September 13


Juice Newton And Silver Spur....320 Kbps


 If I was told in my teens that I would enjoy country and western music I would have had a fit ..but Lo and Behold here is  an L/P that is just that...I suppose it's an age thing getting worldly wise ect.. also an open mind goes a long way having said that this is one heck of a good set of songs....But what a peculiar name !!

1. Catwillow River
2. Just Remember Who Your Friends Are 
3. Love Is A Word
4. The Sweetest Thing
5. Roll On Truckers

1. Won't You Stay
2. Its High Time
3. You Please Me
4. The Shelter Of Your Love
5. Stand By Me Jesus

Andrew Lloyd Webber....320 Kbps


This one is going to be a bit hard to tell what it's all about....I suppose you could call it "Classical" but it's not... certainly has a classical feel about it and again it gets a bit "Jazzy"and then a bit "Funky"and then in certain parts you would swear that you was listening to the "Shadows" overall it's a mixture of "Styles".....Think "ELO" and"Tubular Bells" and you may get some idea whats it all about !!!couldn't record track by track because the music blended between tracks so I had to record Side One then Side Two....but you can see from the back sleeve all the tracks are "Variations"...hence the name !!

Jerry Reed...320 Kbps


 Here is one for the "Country" fans...Jerry together with Chet Atkins ....They were two of the greatest popular guitarists since people started plucking strings on a wooden base !!....Notice I said "Popular" I think probably in the "Classical" world of Guitarists there are some greats there too !!....Back to the L/P Jerry is alone and singing...Half of the tracks he wrote himself so he was a composer as well something I was not aware of..It all adds up to a very pleasant easy on the ear L/P which I hope people who are not into "Country" music gives it a listen too....Broaden your musical tastes keeps you young !!!

1. Smell The Flowers
2. Don't Get Heavy
3. Endless Miles Of Highway
4. Take It Easy
5. It Don't Work That Way

1. If Ever I Love Again
2. My Guitar And My Song
3. Don't Let The Good Times Pass You By
4. It Ain't Home But It Ain't Bad
5. Pave Your Way Into Tomorrow

The Lettermen....320Kbps

Re-Post Requested By Hit Parade.

Francis Goya...

Here's the other "Francis Goya"....courtesy of "BoB" I hope you enjoy them there are a couple of repeat tracks so you are getting twice the value !!!

Francis Goya...

I'm giving all the Easy Listeners a treat this L/P and the next one is guitar and orchestra playing popular tunes....I had never heard of "Francis Goya" before but its a cool combination
Thanks once again to "Bob from across the channel !!


Bert Kaempfert....320.Kbps

Another great BK recording for the easy listeners brigade.....This L/P is courtesy of Bob from Belgium Thanks !!! 

Friday, 4 July 2014

Monday, 30 June 2014

Ella & Louis....320 Kbps


When I bought this L/P I was very dissapointed by it..reason being that out of the 9 tracks Ella & Louis only sings together on 6 of them....the other 3 are solo' was not like the first one they did because they sang together every song !!...probably that was the reason I did not buy Volume 2....I felt cheated....ahhhh thats youthful thoughts !!!.....Saying that there is nothing wrong with the tracks all are great as only Ella & Louis can be...

1. Don't Be That Way....Ella & Louis
2. Makin' Whoopee....Louis Armstrong
3. They All Laughed....Ella & Louis
4. Comes Love....Ella Fitzgerald
5. Autumn In New York....Ella & Louis

1. Let's Do It....Louis Armstrong
2. Stompin' At The Savoy....Ella & Louis
3. I Wont Dance....Ella & Louis
4. Gee Baby Ain't I Good To You....Ella & Louis

Carreras Domingo Pavoroti In Concert....320 Kbps

There is quite a bit of surface noise on this one... but I don't think it spoils it too much the brilliance of the concert compensates for it...And if you really like it you can always go to the local music shop and try to get it on Vinyl or even CD !!!...this was courtesy of "Lesley"

1. IL Lamento Di Frederico....Jose Carreras
2. O Paradis....Placido Domingo
3. Recondita Armonia....Luciano Pavoroti
4. Dein ist MeinGanzes Hertz......Placido Domingo
5. Rondine Al Nido.....Luiciano Pavoroti 
6. Core 'Ngrato.....Jose Carreras
7. Torna A Surriento.....Luciano Pavoroti
8. Granada....Jose Carreras
9. No Puede Ser.....Placido Domingo
10. L'improvviso.....Jose Carreras

1. E lucevan Le Stelle.....Placido Domingo
2. Nessun Dorma.....Luciano Pavoroti
3. Medley
    A. maria.. B.tonight.. C. o Paese d'o' Sole.
    D. cielito lido.. E. Memory..F. ochi tchorniye
    G. caminito..H. la vie en rose. I..mattinata
    J. wien wien nur du allein.. K. amapola.. L. o sole mio
4. (Encore)...O Sole Mio
5. (Encore)...Nessun Dorma

Peggy Lee....320 Kbps

 Here's a Compilation of Peggy's from 1957 to 1968....most of her popular hits are on this one with a re-recording of her first hit "Why Don't You Do Right"!!

1. The Alley Cat Song 
2. I'll Only Miss Him When I Think Of Him
3. Fever
4. The Shadow Of Your Smile
5. Big Spender
6. Manana
7. A Lot Of Livin' To Do
8. I'm A Woman

1. Call Me
2. Pass Me By
3. Yes Indeed
4. The Folks Who Live On The Hill
5. Till There Was You
6. Alright Okay You Win
7. Don't Smoke In Bed
8. Why Don't You Do Right

Monday, 23 June 2014

Barry White & The Love Unlimited Orch...320 Kbps

This L/P to me epitomises the sound and feel of the 70's Music and features one of the best Instrumental hit record of the 70's....I am of course talking about "Loves Theme" what an arrangement all those twanging sliding guitars definatly got the "Barry White" stamp on it and "The Love Unlimited Orch" sound you can tell who it is as soon as a track starts !!!

Juice Newton....320 Kbps


Here's that lady singer with the strange first name ! with another brilliant L/P cant make up my mind what I would say what kind of singer she's a cross between "Country & Rock"....on some tracks she defiantly a "Rock Chick" on others its "Country"...those of you out there who haven't had the pleasure I would recommend that you give her a listen!! won't be disappointed....and if you like her there's 2 more that I have posted earlier....The recording sound wise on this L/P is it loud and hope your speakers don't blow !!

1. A Little Love
2. You Don't Hear The One That Gets You
3. Can't Wait All Night
4. Restless Heart
5. Easy Way Out

1. Let's Dance
2. He's Gone
3. You Don't Know Me
4. Eye Of A Hurricane
5. Waiting For The Sun

Digno Garcia...320 Kbps

I am assuming that this one is "Digno Garcia" playing his own compositions on his "Harp".....There is no info on the back of the sleeve But with a title like that and the fact that there is no recognisable titles Could my assumption be right !!.....Its a great set of tunes that the "Easy Listening" folks should or will enjoy !!!

1. Luna Llena
2. La Divina
3. Filigrana
4. Cuento De Adas
5. Bohemio
6. Cascada

1. The Bird
2. Tristeza India
3. A Espana
4. Madracita
5. Venezolana
6. El Adios


The 5th Dimension...320 Kbps

I bought this L/P for just for one track "One Less Bell To Answer" and also the fact that the cover is painted by one of my favourite artists "Leroy Neiman" persuaded me to buy it.....I never did play it much because I didn't think that the rest of the songs matched the brilliance of "Bell"......Listening to it again after all the years have flown by I don't think that my opinion has changed !!...No doubt there will be people out there who will disagree.........Sooooooooo leave a comment !!!

1. Puppet Man
2. One Less Bell To Answer
3. Feelin' Alright
4. This Is Your Life
5. A Love Like Ours

1. Save The Country
2. Medley.
    a. The Declaration
    b. A Change Is Gonna Come
    c. People Gotta Be Free
3. Dimension 5ive


Neil Diamond...320 Kbps


This is one of Neil Diamond's best live fact it it the Best !!...From The Greek Theatre In Los Angeles....containing most of his hits up to 1972 because that's when it was recorded August 24th to be exact.. on a Hot Sultry Summer Night !! The first track "Prologue" is a great one it builds up an atmosphere before Neil actually appears and starts to sing....I have recorded them as complete Sides because there is not much gaps between tracks....It is a double L/P so there is 4 sides !!

Side 1.                        Side 2.
1. Prologue                 1. Porcupine Pie
2. Crunchy Granola  2. You're So Sweet
3. Done Too Soon      3. Red Red Wine
4. Solitary Man         4. Soggy Pretzels
5. Cherry Cherry      5. And The Grass Won't Pay No Mind
6. Sweet Caroline      6. Shilo
                                    7. Girl You'll Be A Woman Soon

Side 3.                      Side 4.
1. Play Me               1. Holly Holly
2. Canta Libre        2. I Am...I Said
3. Morningside       3. Soolaimon / Brother Love's Travling Salvation Show
4. Song Sung Blue  4. (Encore)
5. Cracklin' Rose

Liza Minnelli...320 Kbps

Re-Post Requested by Hit Parade.

It amazes me is the title of this album and it certainly does amaze me...because Liza sounds like Barbra Striesand in her very early days...Particularly the albums  called "The Barbra Striesand Album" and "The Second Barbra Striesand Album"....Maybe the fact that the arrangements and both Barbra's and the above were produced by the same man"Peter Matz"....But now at this moment in time Barbra and Liza sound very different...I think that both singers where trying to find there own "Sound".....This L/P was recorded well before Liza's "Cabaret" film...

1. Wait Till You See Him
2. My Shinning Hour
3. I Like The Likes Of You
4. It Amazes Me
5. Looking At You
6. I Never Have Seen Snow

1. Plenty Of Time
2. For Every Man There's A Woman 
3. Lorelei
4. Shouldn't There Be Lightning
5. Nobody Knows You When Your Down And Out

Friday, 20 June 2014

The Shangaans...320 Kbps

Wow!! this one took me by surprise !!....first track I thought ok  run of the mill track then "Yellow Bird" started got my interest fully after that it took off and it's a great L/P !!
It is well worth a listen to....and it endorses my thoughts about being able to hear tracks that otherwise you would never hear.....Thanks "Bob"!!!!!