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Monday, 29 June 2015

Caterina Valente..320 Kbps

I started this download session with a "German" flavour so here's another one to end this session !!...Caterina's versions of some popular songs that I'm sure most of you out there will recognise....And no need for "Googling" a translation !!.....Well Maybe !!!!!

1. So Wie Ein Reisanrad
2. Rosen Sind Rot (Roses Are Red)
3. Wenn Ich Die Regentropfen Seh (Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head)
4. Vieni  Vieni
5. Neben Dir
6. Es Gibt Keinen Andren Weg (I Would'nt Have It Any Other Way)

1. Singing My Song
2. Melodie
3. Lab Mich Nicht So Lang Allein
4. Wenn Die Glocken Hell Erklingen
5. Drel Worte Drel Lugen
6. Die Liebe Ist Fur Mich Vorbel ( I'll Never Fall In Love Again )


Total Sound..320 Kbps

 Here's another compilation L/P from the "Studio 2 Stereo" Series....14 Tracks that supposed to get you into the "Stereo" sound !!

  1. Theme From Film 2001....Ron Goodwin & Orch
2. Something....Tony Mottola
3. Oh Happy Day....Helmut Zacharias & Orch
4. My Cherie Amour....Basil Henriques
5. Aquarius....Enoch Light & The Brass Menagerie
6. Raindrops Keep Fallin' On My Head
7. Rakoczy March...Semprini

 1. Midnight Cowboy....Manuel
2. Ob-La-Di Ob-La Da....The Original Brasso Band
3. Shuffle Off To Broadway....Louie Belson
4. Bridge Over Troubled Waters....Franck Pourcel & Orch
5. Bond Street....Enoch Light And The Light Brigade
6. A Whiter Shade Of Pale....Wout Steenhuis & Peter Schilperoort
7. Quantanamera....Tony Mottola 

Dennis Waterman..320 Kbps


For those of you out there in the wonder of "Cyber Space" and across the pond and in the land of perpetual snow...and not forgetting the upside down land !! who don't know who "Dennis Waterman" is here's a little bio'...He started his career as a child actor he was "Just William" in the BBC TV version... In the early 1960's he was "Oliver" in the stage show "Oliver" He then went on to star in TV's "The Sweeny" with "John Thaw"....then "Minder" with "George Cole"....singing the theme songs for a few TV series including the ones he was in... at the moment he is in a TV series called "New Tricks"soooooooooooo bio done so will get back to this L/P...It has a slight country feel to it with a Dolop of Rock a pleasant enuff set of the only way to agree or disagree with me is have a listen !!!

 1. Jamaica Woman
2. Wasn't Love Strong Enough 
3. Holding On To Love
4. What You See Is What You Get
5. Gone Wrong Song

1. Love's Left Me Bleeding
2. Nothing At All
3. Love Is Like A Rainbow
4. I Could be So Good For You
5. The Lady's Up To No Good

Sunday, 28 June 2015

Hudson & Ford....320.Kbps


Another one from the duo who to my mind sound like "The Beatles" on some of their tracks....That of course is my opinion no doubt there will be loads who disagree...Soooooooooo have a download and see if you agree!!

 1. Did Worlds Collide
2. Mechanics
3. When Love Has Overgrown
4. As Hours Go By
5. Bootleg

1. Jesus Said
2. Day Without Love
3. Petro Rock
4. Mile High City
5. Keep Me Rolling

Helmut Zacharias & Orch

Once again "Bob" comes comes along and supplies us with a selection of tunes for the "Easy Listeners" usual titles are in German but I don't think that takes anything away from the enjoyment and I'm sure that they will be some tunes that are recognisable....Did I mention that "Bob" comes from Belgium.!!!!


Thursday, 25 June 2015

Engelbert Humperdinck...320 Kbps

I think maybe this might be the first L/P of "Engelbert's"circa 1969....just a couple of songs that people may have heard of the rest of the songs I presume would be the stock songs to fill out a "Debut " L/P !!!...Unless someone out there knows any different !!..........He comes from my home town "Leicester"

1. Love Can Fly
2. Love Was Here Before The Stars
3. Don't Say No Again
4. Let Me Into Your Life
5. Through The Eyes Of Love
6. Les Bicyclettes De Belsize

1. The Way It Used To Be
2. Marry Me
3. To Get To You
4. Your Easy To Love
5. True
6. A Good Thing Going


Harry Secombe.

Here's the great tenor voice of "Harry Secome"....who would have thought that he had such a great voice when he was with "The Goons" mucking about with "Spike Milligan" ect !!...a good selection of well known songs just sung well !!!...this one comes courtesy of "Bob" !!


Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Robert Goulet...320 Kbps

Re- Post
 I'm getting used to RG's voice but he still lacks that knockout track that I am waiting to hear....To me he still has that "Musical Show" type of voice and seems to sing every track in that style....I do have a few more L/P's by him maybe soon he might deliver that track with a "Wow" factor....I wonder if these are realy his "Greatest Hits" or are CBS just gathering random tracks.....

 1. If Ever I Would Leave You
2. Begin To Love
3. This Is All I Ask
4. Summer Sounds
5. Real Live Girl
6. What Kind Of Fool Am I

1. My Love Forgive Me
2. Autumn Leaves
3. Ciao Compare
4. Fortissimo
5. The Impossible Dream

Gerard Kenny...320 Kbps

 This one is one of the better Singer Songwriters from the late 70's and it's a bit "Poppy" but its good....It's one of these L/P's the more you play and listen to it the better it give it a go you will be pleasantly surprised...all the songs are written by Gerard and there is a couple of "goodies" in it

1. Fit To Be Tied / Music And Words
2. Son Of A Song And Dance Man 
3. D-D-D-Dancin'
4. Love
1. New York New York / Pavement Princess
2. Drinking
3. Nickels And Dimes
4.Made It Thru The Rain 

Ella Fitzgerald...320 Kbps

Re-Post Requested By Anonymous

Here is the second volume of "Irving Berlin".... Ella was at her peak when all the "Song Books" were recorded this one is from 1958....In the later years of her life when she became ill  her voice did suffer and at her later concerts she would always apologise that she couldn't do the "sweet" notes as she used to call them...even so the "magic" was still there !! and she was a great performer whatever she sounded like and did !!!

 1. Suppertime
2. How's Chances
3. Heat Wave
4. Isn't This A Lovely day
5. You Keep Coming Back Like A Song
6. Reaching For The Moon
7. Slumming On Park Avenue

1. The Song Is Ended
2. I'm Putting All My Eggs In One Basket
3. Now It Can Be Told
4. Always
5. It's A Lovely Day Today
6. Change Partners
7. No Strings
8 I've Got My Love To Keep Me Warm

Eagles...320 Kbps

 No need for any introduction to "The Eagles" just listen  !!!

 1. The Long Run
2. I Can't Tell You Why
3. In The City
4. The Disco Strangler
5. King Of Hollywood

1. Heartache Tonight
2.Those Shoes
3. Teenage Jail
4. The Greeks Don't Want No Freaks
5. The Sad Cafe

Sunday, 21 June 2015

Bob Boon Singers

These singers are nothing like "Ray Conniff Singers" Or "Mike Sammes Singers"but as variety is the spice of life bend you ears to this lot as they go singing around the world in so many languages...and it is different !!!.....And from Belgium !!

Anita Meyer

Earlier we had a vist from "Anita" so now she has dropped in again with selection of songs none of which familiar to me except the last track (4) second side !!...It's one of those L/P's that the more you hear it the better it becomes !!! give it a download and make a comment !! this one also came from "Bill" from over the channel !!***I Think Cupid's Flown Away !!!!

1. Heart Of Stone
2. This Ain't a Life To Be Lived
3. Is It Too Late
4. Just Because Of Love
5. Images Of You

1. It's Easy When You Love Someone
2. Little By Little
3. Glamour Fantasies
4. Torn Between Too Lovers 
5. Cupids Night***


Saturday, 20 June 2015

Cliff Richard...320 Kbps

No moans about the title of this compilation !! because it's is exactly what it says 40 early "Cliff's" great tracks more than likely his top hits A sides and B sides....and NOT his GREATEST the record company's sometimes states on other compilation L/P's..
The file is over 200 Gb so on "Zippyshare" its in 2 parts...but on "MEGA" just one file !!

Record One.                                                             Record Two.

1. Move it                                                         1. Constantly
2. Living Doll                                                   2. On The Beach
3. Travelin' Light                                            3. I Could Easily Fall In Love With You
4. Fall In Love With You                               4. The Minute You're Gone
5. Please Don't Tease                                      5. Wind Me Up Let Me Go
6. Nine Times Out Of Ten                              6. Visions
7. Theme For A Dream                                  7. Blue Turns Grey
8. Gee Whizz Its You                                      8. In The Country
9. When The Girl In Your Arm                    9. The Day I Met Marie
10. A Girl Like You                                        10. All My Love

1. The Young Ones                                         1. Congratulations
2. Do You Want To Dance                             2. Throw Down A Line
3. I'm Looking Out The Window                 3. Goodbye Sam Hello Samantha
4. It'll Be Me                                                   4. Sing A Song Of Freedom
5. Bachelor Boy                                              5. Power To All Our Friends
6. The Next Time                                           6. You Keep Me Hanging On
7. Summer Holiday                                       7. Miss You Nights
8. Lucky Lips                                                 8. Devil Woman
9. Its All in The Game                                   9. I Can't Ask For Anymore Than You
10. Don't Talk To Him                                   My Kinda Life


Francis Bay And Orchestra.

Change of pace now with some great 40's swing music from "Beguim" and performed by a Belgium Band....and of course it came from "Bob" !!!....wish there were more bands around today that has the "Big Band Sound "!!!!

1. Bugle Call Rag
2. Coquette
3. Skyliner
4. That's a Plenty
5. One O'clock Jump

1. Christopher Columbus
2. Harlem
3. Jersey Bounce
4. At The Woodchoppers Ball


Dave Mason And Cass Eliot...320 Kbps


 When I saw this L/P in a Junk Shop I thought I may as well get it it only cost about 50p....I was disappointed tho' "Cass" only sings one song on her own and the rest of the tracks I assume that she is singing with Dave Mason who incidentally I hadn't heard of !!.....Isn't it strange that it is only when "Cass Elliot" sings on her own that you get that rich unique sounding voice...when she was with "The Mama's And The Papa's" and on this L/P her voice seems to blend in and lose that uniqueness....The L/P as a whole is a run of the mill production nothing exiting is happening which is a pity because there is not much of  "Cass Elliot's" recordings available !!!
And Isn't that a great picture of "Cass"!!!!!

 1. Walk To The Point
2. On And On
3. To be Free
4. Here We Go Again
5. Pleasing You

1. Sit And Wonder
2. Something To Make You Happy
3. To Much Truth To Much Love 
4. Next To You
5. Glittering Facade

Love Unlimited Orchestra...320 Kbps

I just love the sound of this orchestra...BUT !....I feel that some of the tracks are a little to long and some are very repetitive in fact I thought that my stylus had stuck in a couple of places !!...apart from that as I said its a good one....would have been nice to hear "Barry's" voice either at the begining or end of the tracks...that would have liffted the whole L/P up !!!!!!!

1. My Sweet Summer Suite
2. Strange Games And Things
3. Blues Concerto
4. You I Adore

1. Brazilian Love Song
2. Are You Sure
3. You've Given Me Something
4. I'm Falling In Love With You


Thursday, 18 June 2015

Caterina Valente...320 Kbps

Here's one for the "German" visitors 63 hits today and 51,960 since the beginning "Thanks Germany" !!!...and of course all of the other 152 countries that have been looking in !!
Caterina sings all songs in German and I have found a "Google Translation" of the songs so blame "Google" if they read a little strange !!.....I think thay did a direct translation and that never works 100% !!

1. Wenn Es Nacht wird in Den Stadten (When The Night Falls In The Cities)
2. Wer War Der Mann Neben Dir (Who Was The Man Next To You)
3. C'est Tres Chique (C'est Tres Chique)
4. Sailors Nightclub In Golden Frisco
5. Charly Zund die Kerzen An (Charly Zund The Candles)
6. In Allen Kniepen Von Soho (In Allen Pubs Of Soho)

1. Der Abend Wird Schon (The Evening Will Be Nice)
2. Blauer Asphalt (Blue Asphalt)
3. Julius Ach Julius (Julius Julius Oh)
4. Schone Schwarze Rose (Beautiful Black Rose)
5. Mexikanischer Wein ( Mexican Wine)
6. Wenn Es Nacht Wird In Den Stadten (When Night Falls In The Cities)

!!!!!..Very Strange..!!!!



The Ray Conniff Singers...320 Kbps

 This is one of my favorite Conniff L/Ps...when I got it it was never off the turntable....It was the first time that Ray Conniff let his singers sing the words...that created a classic sound that still sounds good today !!

 1. It's The Talk Of The Town
2. You're An Old Smoothie 
3. Buttons And Bows
4. Let's Put Out The Lights
5. It's been A Long Long Time
6. Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah

1. Deep In The Heart Of Texas
2. Love Is The Sweetest Thing
3. They Say It's Wonderful
4. Hands Across the Table
5. My Heart Cries For You
6. Rosalie

Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Tom Jones...320 Kbps

Once again the record company has produced a compilation of "Tom's" Greatest Hits ??(Dubious)....True they have included most of them but amongst the tracks are some cover versions of popular songs that were hits for other people and some that might be "B"sides to his Hits so I suppose they could be classed as hits because they were "The Other Side" !!.....why oh why do record companies do that !!...I'm sure that Tom could have filled this double L/P with all of his hits !!....He's had plenty to choose from during his recording time !!

1. Its Not Unusual
2. Only Once
3. I'll Never Fall In Love Again
4. Somethin' Bout You Baby I Like
5. Whats New Pussycat

1. Till
2. Runnin' Bear
3. Green Green Grass Of Home
4. Thunderball
5. Love Me Tonight

1. She's A Lady
2. Pledging My Love
3. Funny Familiar Forgotten Feelings
4. With These Hands
5. Delilah

1. I'm Comming Home
2. To Make A Big Man Cry
3. Help Yourself
4. The Sun Died
5. Daughter Of Darkness

Digno Garcia Trio Del Paraguay.

Now we have a slice of "Spain" via "Belgium"....some well known Latin Songs !!...If you have not heard of this Trio (or Quartet) according to the front picture !! before give it a listen its very different and good !!..well recomended I would give it 5***** !!!! (Stars) !!