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Sunday, 22 January 2017

Bobby Darin

No introduction neaded for "Bobby" he just swing's greatly !!! doing standard songs !
A'la "Sinatra" !!

1. Long Ago And Far Away
2. I Didn't Know What Time It was
3. How About You
4. The More I See You
5. It had To Be You
6. No Greater Love

1. In Love In Vain
2. Just Friends
3. Give Me Something To Remember You By
4. Skylark
5. Spring Is Here
6. Guess I'll Have To Change My Plan 

Billy Joel

Some Billy Joel tracks now...I havn't took much notice of him and not heard any of his L/P's only his hit singles so this was a nice introduction to some of I imagine his early work....

1. Movin' Out 
2. The Stranger
3. Just The Way You Are
4. Scenes From An Italian Restaurant

1. Vienna
2. Only The Good Die Young
3. She's Always A Woman
4. Get It Right The First Time
5. Everybody Has A Dream 


Robert Wilson.320 Kbps

We still have our toes dipped in the nostalgia pool !!! but this time we are in "Bonnie Scotland" with some scottish songs !!..don't know to much about the singer but there is plenty of info on the back sleeve !! enjoy some gentle music and songs !!

1. O My Jock Mackay
2. The Heart Of Loch Lomond
3. When The Heather Gleams Like Stardust In The Glen
4. The Cameronians
5. Bonnie Scots Lassie O' Mine 
6. The Road To The Isles

1. Down In The Glen
2. Way Up In Clachan
3. Lewis Bridal Song
4. Bonnie Strathyre
5. Tillietudlem Castle
6. Bonnie Lassie From Bonnie Doon

09. Lewis Bridal Song.mp3

Guy Mitchell.320 Kbps

Another blast from the past 50's again !! age of innocence !!....great tunes with unsophisticated titles and lyrics !!...what were the song writers on !!!....I doubt whether we will hear anything like these today !!..What is "The Po Po" !!!.....but great nostalgia !!!!! and I love Um !!!!

1. My Heart Cries For You
2. The Roving Kind
3. Sparrow In The Tree Top
4. My Truly Truly Fair 
5. Belle Belle My Liberty Belle 
6. Pittsburg Pennsylvania
7. Feet Up Pat Him On The Po Po
8. Cause I Love You That a Why

1. Ninety Nine Years
2. Singing The Blues
3. Knee Deep In The Blues
4. Rock a Billy
5.  Heartaches By The Number
6. My Shoes Keep Walking Back To You 
7. Call Rosie On The Phone
8. She Wears Red Feathers

04. My Truly Truly Fair.mp3

Cliff Richard.320 Kbps

These are all the original recordings !! it says on the cover 1958-1962

1. Move It
2. High Class Baby
3. My Feet Hit The Ground
4. Mean Streak
5. Living Doll
6. Apron Strings
7. Travelin' Light
8. Dynamite

1. Willie Amd The Hand Jive
2. A Voice In The Wilderness 
3. Please Don't Tease
4. Gee Whizz Its You
5. Theme For A Dream
6. It'll Be Me
7. We Say Yeah
8. Do You Wanna Dance

11. Please Dont Tease.mp3

Saturday, 21 January 2017

Kiki Dee.320 Kbps

Here's a great voice !!..and the definitive version of "I've Got The Music In Me " from 1974 !!
The two tracks "Out Of My Head" and "Heart And Soul" are different songs !! not the popular versions !!
 All the tracks on this L/P were written either by Kiki Dee or members of her band so you have a set of original songs..Thought I'd better mention that because a couple of the song titles could be mistaken for other popular songs...the title song "I've Got The Music In Me"is the best and original track..the rest of them are pretty good those of you out there in the "Globe" who have not heard of Kiki give it a listen !!

1. I've Got The Music In Me

2. Someone To Me
3. Step By Step
4. Water
5. Out Of My Head 

1. Do It Right
2. Little Frozen One
3. Heart And Soul
4. You Need Help 

01. I've Got The Music In Me.mp3

The 5th Dimension.320.Kbps

 I bought this L/P for just for one track "One Less Bell To Answer" and also the fact that the cover is painted by one of my favourite artists "Leroy Neiman" persuaded me to buy it.....I never did play it much because I didn't think that the rest of the songs matched the brilliance of "Bell"......Listening to it again after all the years have flown by I don't think that my opinion has changed !!...No doubt there will be people out there who will disagree.........Sooooooooo leave a comment !!!

1. Puppet Man
2. One Less Bell To Answer
3. Feelin' Alright
4. This Is Your Life
5. A Love Like Ours

1. Save The Country
2. Medley.
    a. The Declaration
    b. A Change Is Gonna Come
    c. People Gotta Be Free
3. Dimension 5ive 

02. One Less Bell To Answer.mp3

Neil Diamond.320 KBps

 This is one of Neil Diamond's best live fact it it the Best !!...From The Greek Theatre In Los Angeles....containing most of his hits up to 1972 because that's when it was recorded August 24th to be exact.. on a Hot Sultry Summer Night !! The first track "Prologue" is a great one it builds up an atmosphere before Neil actually appears and starts to sing....I have recorded them as complete Sides because there is not much gaps between tracks....It is a double L/P so there is 4 sides !!
Also No "Zippy" Track !!

Side 1.                        Side 2.
1. Prologue                 1. Porcupine Pie
2. Crunchy Granola  2. You're So Sweet
3. Done Too Soon      3. Red Red Wine
4. Solitary Man         4. Soggy Pretzels
5. Cherry Cherry      5. And The Grass Won't Pay No Mind
6. Sweet Caroline      6. Shilo
                                    7. Girl You'll Be A Woman Soon

Side 3.                      Side 4.
1. Play Me               1. Holly Holly
2. Canta Libre        2. I Am...I Said
3. Morningside       3. Soolaimon / Brother Love's Travling Salvation Show
4. Song Sung Blue  4. (Encore)
5. Cracklin' Rose

Juice Newton & Silver Spur.320 Kbps


 If I was told in my teens that I would enjoy country and western music I would have had a fit ..but Lo and Behold here is  an L/P that is just that...I suppose it's an age thing getting worldly wise ect.. also an open mind goes a long way having said that this is one heck of a good set of songs....But what a peculiar name !!

1. Catwillow River
2. Just Remember Who Your Friends Are 
3. Love Is A Word
4. The Sweetest Thing
5. Roll On Truckers

1. Won't You Stay
2. Its High Time
3. You Please Me
4. The Shelter Of Your Love
5. Stand By Me Jesus

01. Catwillow River.mp3

James Last & Orchestra

Another helping of "James Last" me this one seems to lack the "Oomph" that the Orchestra normally has !!!...maybe its all slow tunes and not a "Swing" in sight !!!

1. Lara's Theme
2. A Man And A Woman
3. Games That Lovers Play
4. This Is my Song
5. What Now My Love
6. Close Your Eyes

1. I Left My Heart in San Fransisco 
2. Flay Me To The Moon 
3. Now I Know
4. Never On A Sunday
5. Sandy's Theme
05. What Now My Love.mp3

The Manhattan Transfer

Wikipedia is great when you don't know much about what you want to say !! 

 The Manhattan Transfer is an American a cappella, jazz fusion/pop music group founded in 1969 in New York City and still active in the 2010s. There have been two editions of the group, with Tim Hauser being the only person to be part of both. The first group consisted of Hauser, Erin Dickins, Marty Nelson, Pat Rosalia and Gene Pistilli. The second version of the group, formed in 1972, consisted of Hauser, Alan Paul, Janis Siegel and Laurel Massé. In 1979, after Massé was badly injured in a car accident, she was replaced by Cheryl Bentyne. The group's long-time pianist, Yaron Gershovsky, accompanied the group on tour and served as music director. Trist Curless from the Los Angeles a cappella group m-pact became a permanent member in October 2014 following Hauser's death.[2]

So having said that here's the Track List !!! 

1. Four Brothers 
2. A Gal In Calico
3. Love For Sale
4. Je Voulais
5. On A Little Street In Singapore
6. In A Mellow Tone

1. Walk In Love
2. Who What When Where Why
3. It's Not The Spotlight
4. Pieces Of Dreams
5. Where Did Our Love Go

05. On A Little Street In Singapore.mp3

Acker Bilk

At the moment its very cold and frosty in "Leicester" so I've put my skates on and skated across the channel to pick up this one and the next one from "Bob" in Belgium !! Thanks Bob !!
The tracks are not in order as on the back sleeve but they are all there !!

05 I Can't Get Started.mp3

Placido Domingo

Not had a "Classical" sound for a while so here is a very young looking "Placido" doing the songs that are associated with "Caruso"....Thanks "Bob"

08 La donna é mobile.mp3

Alexander O'Neal.320 Kbps

Change of style and pace now !!....This L/P is I suppose a "Concept" one !! hence no gaps in the tracks so its recorded as Side 1 & Side 2....also no "Zippy" track...So I'll say that it takes place at a"Party"just to wet your appetite !!! and get you curious !!!

1. What Can I Say To Make You Love Me
2. Hearsay
3. The Lovers
4. Fake
5. Criticize

1. Never Knew Love Like This
2. Sunshine
3. Crying Overtime
4. When The Party's Over


Green Velvet.320 Kbps

I should think that the title of this L/P gives a clue to the origin of the country that is representative of the songs !!...Yep its "Ireland" giving us "Ballads Of Peace And Love"...

06. Mountains of Mourne.mp3

Friday, 20 January 2017

The Shadows 320 Kbps

20 tracks of first class guitar playing now this L/P includes most of the "Shads" hits !!....some cool imaginative titles !!!

1. Apache
2. Man Of Mystery
3. The Frightened City
4. Guitar Tango
5. Kon Tiki
6. Foot Tapper
7. Genie With The Light Brown Lamp
8. The Warlord
9. A Place In The Sun
10. Atlantis

1. Wonderful Land
2. F.B.I.
3. The Savage
4. Geronimo
5. Shindig
6. Stingray
7. Theme For Young Lovers
8. The Rise And Fall Of Fingel Bunt
9. Maroc 7
10. Dance On

06. Foot Tapper.mp3

VA.16 Big Hits Of The 50's.320 Kbps

Here we have some blasts from the past (mine) !!..ah sweet memories !!

06. Tell Me Why.mp3

Saturday, 14 January 2017

If people are having trouble with the "Zippyshare" player when they click on it to play the track...please let me know......cheers....Luigi..

Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Verdelle Smith

Another new singer that is new to me...Its seems that this is the only L/P that she recorded which is a pity would have liked to have heard more of her !!

 Perhaps the closest parallel to Verdelle Smith would be Dionne Warwick: a soul singer by discipline but a dramatic pop singer by any other name. She cut two songs that were later covered by Nancy Sinatra and Scott Walker -- "In My Room" and "Tar and Cement," respectively -- and that gives a good idea of the symphonic melodrama that lies at the core of her work. This is not meek music. It's big, sweeping and grand, with mini pop symphonies that showcased her range and power.  Smith's appeal lies in how she never quite belonged in either the pop-soul world or in Hollywood pop. She fell through the cracks, a powerful soul singer but what's best about Smith is how she never belonged to any world, how she was soulful without being gritty, overblown without being sticky.

  09 -don-t-get-around-much-anymore.mp3

The Paris Sisters

New girl group for me !!...nice to be able to hear the actual tones of the voices in this set of songs is very gentle phrasing and singing with the orchestra not drowning out the singers....

09 - It's my party (stereo).mp3

Jeri Southern

Here's another great singer with a voice that is easy recognisable!..maybe it was the "Ciggies" that gave her that husky individual voice !! L/P that is also not to be missed !!

  03 -this-time-the-dream-s-on-me.mp3