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Saturday, 28 March 2015

Des O'Connor...320 Kbps

So now we have a "Golden Hour " of Des's voice also from "Bob"....It's fine and as the saying goes "It Does What It Say's On The Tin".....any of you out there who don't get that Can't watch much Television !!!!

Barry Manilow

Still keeping in the "Bob" mode we have a slightly different "BM" giving his "Swing" tonsils a good airing !!...seems that he giving his singing voice a few style changes which is great for the can only listen to a certain amount of "Big Power Ballads"before you put the ear-plugs in !!!...Barry does a great job with these tracks and his voice is spot on !!!


Bing Crosby

Another one from "Bob"..naturally a "Belgium" release because as you know that's where "Bob" comes from !!!...this L/P features "Bing's" original tracks no re-recording this time and you have a "Bonus" of "The Andrew Sisters" popping up now and then !!!....great nostalgic music that will never fade !!!

Friday, 27 March 2015

Carmen Jones WRC...320 Kbps

 This L/P is not from the "Soundtrack" or from the "Original Show" but just a record company's version...if you have seen the film or the show then this is definatly a good effort well worth the "Download" if you are not bothered about the "Originals" !!

1. Overture
2. Dere's A Cafe....Grace Bumbry
3. You Talk Just Like My Maw....George Webb & Ena Babb
4. Dat's Love....Grace Bumbry & Chorus
5. Dis Flower....George Webb
6. Beat Out Dat Rhytham....Elizabeth Welch & Chorus

1. Stand Up And Fight....Thomas Baptiste & Chorus
2. Whizzing Away Along The Track....Grace Bumbry & Elizabeth Welch
3. Card Song....Elizabeth Welch & Grace Bumbry
4. My Joe....Ena Babb
5. Finale....George Webb & Grace Bumbry & Chorus

Barbra Streisand...320 Kbps

 This is one of the best of Barbra's early recordings...she has now got control of her voice on the high notes that she usually blasts out...and she sounds much sweeter....she is now the singer on this L/P that we all know now....Saying that I still reckon that her 1 st and 2 nd L/P's take some opinion of course...if you disagree leave a comment !!

1. My Funny Valentine
2. The Nearness Of You
3. When Sunny Gets Blue
4. Make The Man Love Me
5. Lover Man

1. More Than You Know
2. I'll Know
3. All The Things You Are
4. The Boy Next Door
5. Stout Hearted Men

Barry And Eileen

Here's one from "Bob"of a "Belgium" Duo who I have not heard of before...The songs seem to be all original ones co-written by a certain "B Corbett" could it be "Barry"??...also his voice reminds me of someone I can't quite put my finger on !!..any suggestions !!! you can see by the back cover not much information about this competent Duo....very pleasant listening !!

Dorothy Squires...320 Kbps

 Dorothy Squires has got quite a distictive voice and on this L/P as the title say's she is singing her own songs that she has wrote....maybe some of you out there in the 'cosmos' have probably never heard of her so maybe a little info will help....her voice is deep... so if I said that it is the very oposite of the voice of "Blossom Dearie"maybe you will get an idea of it !!...seems that she wrote the lyrics and composed the tunes of most of the tracks on this L/P...there is a sameness about the songs but they are good....and of course she was married to "James Bond" and "The Saint" (AKA) "Roger Moore" at some point !!

1. Look Around
2. With all My Heart
3. Tammy Tell Me True
4. The Good Things
5. Point Of No Return
6. Two Strangers Met

1. Torremolinos
2. When There's Love In Your Heart
3. Where Can I Go
4. Precious Love
5. Your Flowers Arrived To Late 
6. Play It To The Rules

Saturday, 21 March 2015

Ray Conniff Orchestra...320 Kbps

 Here is the Re-post of the one I recorded earlier when my turntable and conections were having a "Wobble"...I hope this one is ok !!!

1. Love Is A Many Splendoured Thing
2. Thanks For The Memory
3. Easy To Love
4. Pacific Sunset
5. Cheek To Cheek
6. My Heart Stood Still

1. Please
2. Love Letters
3. Laura
4. Stella By Starlight
5. Yesterdays
6. It Might As Well Be Spring


15 Fabulous Tracks...320 Kbps

 This one is for the easy listeners brigade..a compilation of some "Studio 2 Stereo" releases on the "EMI" label...I suppose they did that to persuade you to buy the record if you like some of the tracks...Best track is the first one
"The Gypsy Fiddler"...

1. The Gypsy Fiddler....Ron Goodwin & Orch
2. Light My Fire....Helmut Zacharias & Orch
3. Aranjuez Mon Amour....Valentino
4. Spitfire Prelude....Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orch
5. Basin Street Blues....Mr Acker Bilk
6. When I'm Sixty Four....Bravo Brasso
7. Overture The Arcadians....Vilem Tausky

1. Theme From A Summer Place....Manuel And The Music of The Mountains
2. Wichita Lineman....Brian Bennett
3. Patu Patu Ake....Wout Steenhuis & The Kontikis
4. In The Hall Of The Mountain King.... The Halle Orch
5. Spanish Eyes....Sid Sidney & Orch
6. Hey Jude....Franck Pourcell & Orch
7. Mexican Whistler....Chico Arnez & His Cuban Brass
8. Overture Bitter Sweet

Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Johnny Mathis

Johnny Mathis and as it say's on the cover with two guitar's "Tony Mottola" & Al Caiola" plus a Bass...12 smooth sounding standards sung in the "Mathis" sound !!!

1. An Open Fire
2. Bye Bye Blackbird
3. In The Still Of The Night
4. Embraceable You
5. I'll Be Seeing You
6. Tenderly

1. When I Fall In Love
2. I Concentrate on You
3. Please Be Kind
4. You'll Never Know
5. I'm Just a Boy In Love
6. My Funny Valentine


Flambards...320 Kbps


 This is the music from a late 70's Television Series....Even if you haven't seen the Series the music stands on its own.... The tracks are catchy and beautiful and there's a whistle tune that if you download it you will be whistling all day !!!.....If any of you out there get a chance to see this great T/V Series or get the DVD (which I have) then go for it you wont be disappointed....

P.S. This is definatly one of the best "Mood Music" that I have in my collection and I hope that most of you out there will have a listen and give an opinion!! I said above the music stands on its own so you don't realy have to see the "Series" to appreciate it...BUT it does help !!!

Ethel Merman

Obviously this is not from the soundtrack of the film!!...If it was your thoughts would be "Where the hell is "Donald O'Conner & Vera Ellen" !!!..It is in fact a more detailed song list from the "Show/Film"with the original "Hostess With The Mostest"!!!!!!


Music Of Torvill And Dean...320 Kbps

Some "Mood Music" now part of my "Xmas" Hoard !!!....Only hearing these for the first time when I am recording them my comments are probably not very critical so its up to all you out there in "Cyberland" and the "Cosmos" to have a go !!!!

1. Bolero
2. Capriccio Espagnol

1. Barnum on Ice
2. Discoskate

The Ray Conniff Singers...320 Kbps


 Nice set of songs done in the capable hands of "The Ray Conniff Singers"...nice Stereo Sound Guys from the left speaker and Gals from the right !!

 P.S. Another Classic Vintage "Conniff"which still gives me "Goose Bumps" every time I hear it....Will Re-Re-Post "Hollywood In Rhythm" shortly with large scans and a re-record my turntable and connections threw a bit of a "Wobberly" !!! Thanks to "Armpit Studios"for that info !!

1. Somebody Loves Me
2. Golden Earings
3. You're The Cream In My Coffee
4. The Green Leaves Of Summer
5. Don't Fence Me In
6 I Only Have Eyes For You

1. The Thrill Is Gone
2. You'd be So Nice To Come Home To
3. It Had To be You
4. I Don't Want To Set The World On Fire
5. Moon Song
6. All or Nothing At All

21 Hits of The 60's

Now we have from "Belguim" via "Bob" a feast of 60's hits !!!...definatly Golden Oldies !!

Joe Longthorne...320 Kbps

When I first came across this L/P that was supplied to me at Xmas I was hoping that it would be a knockout one !...Because as you can see from the Video below "Joe" is a great impressionist and funny with it to !!...he does a great job on all the tracks but nothing to me stands out as a "WoW" track.....saying that its still a good set of songs sung perfectly....The track "To All The Girls"seems to be a bit faulty in the pressing so it does skip and jump a bit couldn't see any scratch or marks on the track so that the assumption !!

1. When Your Old Wedding Ring Was New
2. Don't Laugh At Me
3. Hurt
4. Danny Boy
5. Just Loving You
6. You're My World
7. My Mothers Eyes

1. My Prayer
2. Answer Me
3. It's Only Make Believe
4. To All The Girls I've Loved Before
5. I'd Be A Legend In My Time
6. Love Is All
7. End Of The World


joe longthorne.mp4

Herb Alpert And The Tijuana Brass...320.Kbps

Re-Post Requested By Anonymous
 Earlier on I downloaded a "Peter Nero" L/P of "Herb Alpert" hits and said "If you didn't know it wasn't "Herb Alpert" you wouldn't know or words to that effect !!!...Anyway here is the man himself with 16 of his well known hits...they are all there !!...Bit of music trivia coming up...His first hit "Lonely Bull" was supposed to have been recorded in a garage on an old Tape recorder deck no studio equipment !!...whether or not that is true who knows...but I recon that they must have cleaned it up in the studio and that little man that fiddles with the knobs and sliders did his thing !!!...

P.S. Seems that we have had another ride on that "DeLorean"...from the 40's to the 70's with this one !!!

1. Lonely Bull
2. Spanish Flea
3. So Whats New
4. If I Were A Rich Man
5. Up Cherry Street
6. Marjorine
7. Wade In The water
8. Cabaret

1. Taste Of Honey
2. Tijuana Taxi
3. Hello Dolly
4. A Banda
5. Mame
6. Lollipops And Roses
7. My Favourite Things
8. Zorba The Greek

Friday, 13 March 2015

Glenn Miller 6.

1. Carribiean Clipper
2. Oh You Crazy Moon
3. Boogie Woogie Piggy
4. Fools Rush In
5. Deep Purple
6. Yes My Darling Daughter
7.  The Nearness Of You

1. I'm Old Fashioned
2. I Got Rhythm
3. Polka Dots And Moonbeams
4. Crosstown
5. My Devotion
6. Limehouse Blues

Glenn Miller 5.

1. Rhapsody In Blue
2. Sweeter Than The Sweetest
3. Pavanne
4. Moon Love
5. Adios
6. Glen Island Special

1. Sunrise Serenade
2. Shake Down The Stars
3. Baby Me
4. The Lamplighters Serenade
5. Slow Freight
6. Dreamville Ohio