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Sunday, 1 March 2015

Vera Lynn

These tracks are definatly re-recorded from the originals...some of them were recorded by "Vera"in the 40's....again no information on the back....It would be nice to have info about the recordings...They have plenty of room on the back covers of L/P's to put the information on !!...not like the small CD cover's...Thanks Bob !!

Judy Garland...320 Kbps

A "Judy Garland" L/P from her T/V show no need for me to make any comment it's all on the back sleeve !!

1. It's A Good Day
2. That's All
3. Some People
4. More
5. Island In The West Indies
6. As Long As He Needs Me

1. Get Me To The Church On Time 
2. Fly Me To The Moon
3. I Wish You Love
4. Jamboree Jones
5. Battle Hymn of The Republic
6. Closing Theme (Maybe I'll Come Back)


Heinz Schachtner

Not had a"Trumpet" sound for a while so here's one also from "Bob"....its not a "Jazz" trumpet "Gig" but just "Hans Bertram" Orchestra featuring "Heinz Schachtner" who is the "Trumpeter"......a good one for all the "Easy Listening People" !!...."Cecilia" also makes another apearence !!!


Simon & Garfunkel...320 Kbps

Here's a compilation that is different from other's....It seems that most of the tracks come from "live" performance's no indication on the back of "where" and "when"....the difference is that also the other tracks seem also to be re-recorded....Usualy L/P's that have a title of "Best Of" or in this case "Greatest Hits" are just that !! their original tracks regurgitated !!
So it's good to hear them differently !!....Kudos to the marketing guy's !!!

1. Mrs Robinson
2. For Emily Whenever I May Find Her
3. The Boxer
4. The 59th Street Bridge Song
5. The Sound Of Silence
6. I Am A Rock
7. Scarborough Fair / Canticle

1. Hoeward Bound
2. Bridge Over Troubled Waters
3. America
4. Kathy's Song
5. El Condor Pasa
6. Bookends
7. Cecilia


Saturday, 28 February 2015

Barry Manilow

From one "Barry Manilow" to another this time he dips into his "Jazzy" side and does a great job and may surprise many people !!....Thanks once again to "Belguim Bob"!!!....No information on the back sleeve about who wrote the songs...They are all original no standards so I assume that "Barry" has written them !!

Barry Manilow...320 Kbps

 Here's Barry singing most of his own songs with one well known "Hit" song and a very flattering drawing of him on the front cover !

1. The Old Songs
2. Let's Hang On
3. If I Should Love Again
4. Don't Fall In Love With Me
5. Break Down The Door

1. Somewhere Down The Road
2. No Other Love
3. Fools Get Lucky
4. I Haven't Changed The Room
5 Lets Take All Night To Say Goodbye

Thursday, 26 February 2015

You're A Big Boy Now...320 Kbps


 This is a great film one of my favourites of the 60's....highly recomended... if it comes on TV or you see it in your local DVD store get it !!'s a classic (My opinion of Course) is on "Youtube" in 11 parts...but the sound is out of sinc...tried to get a trailer but could'nt find one.
Three outstanding tracks...."Lonely"..."Darling Be Home Soon"....and "Your A Big Boy Now"

1. You're A Big Boy Now
2. Lonely
3. Wash Her Away
4. Kite Chase
5. Try And Be Happy
6. Peep Show Percussion 
7. Girl Beautiful Girl

1. Darling Be Home Soon
2. Dixieland Big Boy
3. Letter To Barbara
4. Barbara's Theme
5. Miss Things Thang
6. March
7. The Finale

Marty Robbins...320 Kbps

Now this one is also from a friend at the Gym "Geoff" to be exact !....nice relaxing singer singing songs that lean towards Spain/Mexico/Usa...all the songs do tell a story and thats what I like...Pity that they all sound the same !!!!!

1. Tonight Carmen
2. Waiting In Reno
3. Is There Anything Left I Can Say
4. Loves Gone Away
5. Bound For Old Mexico
6. Don't Go Away Senor

1. The Girl With Gardenias In Her Hair
2. In The Valley Of The Rio Grande 
3. The Mission In Guadalajara
4. Chapel Bells Chime
5. Spanish Lullaby


Frank Sinatra...320 Kbps

Re-Post Requested by Anonymous.

The sub-title of this L/P is "Sings For Moderns" here is Sinatra singing some poular songs of the 60's with some "Oldies" thrown in for good measure !....Nelson Riddle at the helm so it still "Swings"!!!

1. Strangers In The Night
2. Summer Wind
3. All Or Nothing At All
4. Call me
5. You're Driving Me Crazy

1. On A Clear Day
2. My Baby Just Cares for Me
3. Downtown
4. Yes Sir That's My Baby 
5. The Most Beautiful Girl In The World

The Worlds Worst Record Show

It say's on the cover "Cringe Along" I'll endorse that with a capital "CRINGE"....never heard of any of the tracks !!...The originals yes !!...It's from over the channel via Bob...glad to see "Belguim" has a sense of humour !!....Its well worth a download just for a hearty laugh !!!....Must have hit "Bob's" funny bone when I posted "Mrs Miller" L/P she is featured on one of the tracks !!


Bobby Goldsboro

Thanks to "Bob"who supplied this one I now know "Bobby Goldsboro" has a great and distintive voice...Only hearing him singing his Hit "Summer The First Time" I didn't realise how good he is !!...even tho' these versions are not far removed from the originals his voice makes the difference and you can apreciate them as well as the originals !!


The Love Album VA...320 Kbps

We now have a compilation L/P supplied by"Lesley" from the "Gym" which contains well known tracks and some that are not so well known....That seems a popular inclusion with most of the "Concept" Compilation L/P's filling it out with lesser well known tracks....which of course doesn't mean its a bad idea...just a good marketing ploy !!!...and sometimes you get a great standout track !!

1. You're In My Heart...Rod Stewart
2.  Three Times A Lady...Commodores
3. I'll Put You Together Again...Hot Chocolate
4. Lost Again...Clifford T Ward
5. Losing Your Way In The Rain...Mike Batt & Friends 
6. Stay With Me Till Dawn...Judie Tzuke
7. Everybodys Got To Learn Sometime...Korgis
8. Everyday Hurts...Sad Cafe
9. Since I Don't See You Anymore...Chris Rea
10. Over You...Roxy Music

1. Touch Me In The Morning...Diana Ross
2. You're All To Need To Get By...Johnny Mathis & Deniece Williams
3. When I Need You...Leo Sayer
4. When Two Worlds Drift Apart...Cliff Richard
5. Don't Throw It All Away...Gary Benson
6. Caravan Song...Barbara Dickson
7. Please Don't Go...K C & The Sunshine Band
8. Why Don't You Spend The Night...Frankie Miller
9. When I Dream...Crystal Gale
10. I Have A Dream...Abba


Friday, 20 February 2015

Edmundo Ros & Orchestra

Still in the "Band/Orchestra" mode here's another one from "Bob" and we are still in the "Tropics" !!! This is a double L/ get your dancing shoes on !! you might dance the night away !!!


Digno Garcia

Something a little different now from the last posts !!...a different style of music and band !!...all the way from Belguim courtesy of "Bob".....Variety is the "Spice" of life and that goes for musical tastes as well !!!!...So enjoy a trip to the "Tropics" !!!!!!!!!


Dickie Valentine...320 Kbps

Ah !!...this L/P brings back memories of my teenage years in the 50's...concert's at "The De-Montfort Hall" Leicester with "Ted Heath" and his band...buying "Lita Roza" a coffee in "The Banners Milk Bar"and later on a drink at the "Marquis Of Wellington" pub with some of the band !!....I saw them many many times and enjoyed every minute...its a pity that big bands have now gone out of fashion !!!!....In case there are some of you out there who are not familiar with "Dickie Valentine" he was one of three singers with one of England's best "Swing" bands "Ted Heath" along with "Lita Roza" and "Dennis Lotis"...he was a great singer with a very distinctive voice..and I think that had he not died in a car accident he would have made it to the big time !!....So to the uninitiated give it a listen to and hear a great voice !!

1. All The Time And Everywhere
2. A Blossom Fell
3. East Of The Sun
4. Endless
5. King Of Dixieland
6. The Finger Of Suspicion 

1. Song Of The Trees
2. Birth Of The Blues
3. Mister Sandman
4. Many Times
5. A Kiss To Build a Dream On
6. The Clown Who Cried

Emerson Lake & Palmer...320 Kbps

Well now let's "Rock" with a classic L/P !!...that to all the "Rock Guy's & Gals" will be no stranger too !!...all the other's be a devil and have a listen !! you might be surprised and like it !!!

Des O'Connor

Ok now one from "Bob" from across the channel....Even tho' in England the other comedians used to take the "Rise" "Micky" "P##s" out of his singing he does a good job of these tracks and I like his voice !!


The Ray Conniff Singers...320 Kbps

The Ray Conniff Singers doing justice to some 70's songs....It's a cool L/P and "Ray's" Singers are still one of the best on record....But I miss that "shuffle beat" that is featured on his earlier recordings !!

1. I'd Like To Teach The World To Sing 
2. Baby I'm A Want You
3. Gypsies Tramps And Thieves
4. Theme From Summer Of "42"
5. Go Away Little Girl
6. Brand New Key

1. I've Found Someone Of My Own
2. Imagine
3.An Old Fashioned Love Song
4. Hey Girl
5. Cherish

Chet Atkins & Jerry Read...320 Kbps


 If you take two of the best guitarists of today and put them together then you will have a "Magic" album and this is it !!!! need to say anymore just listen especially to the track "Ol Man River"

P.S. This is a great L/P...It shows how Guitar's should be played !!

1. Tennessee Stud
2. Bridge Over Troubled Water
3. MacArthur Park
4. O'l Man River
5. Nut Sundae

1. Cannonball Rag
2. Wreck Of The John B
3. Stump Water
4. The January Feruary March
5. Something