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Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Hol ! Hol ! Holiday's !!

Ok Folks !!! That's your lot for a while...going on holiday to get some sun and G&T's...Beer...Vodka...Cocktails..ect !!!!

Cilla Black...320 Kbps

Now we have Cilla singing some as she say's on the back sleeve "Modern Standards"which of course they are...BUT it's not the usual Cilla it's a very subdued one with an almost little girl voice !!...I was waiting for her to rip loose and give it some "Ooooph"but it did not happen !!..It was recorded in 1980 and I suppose most of the songs are of the romantic kind hence the interpretation !! That Disco beat gets everywhere !!!!...RIP Cilla You will be missed by many !!!

1. Baby Don't Change Your Mind
2. Sometimes When We Touch
3. Just The Way You Are
4. Talking In Your Sleep
5. You Don't Bring Me Flowers
6. How Deep Is Your Love
7. Bright Eyes
8. Don't Cry For Me Argentina 

1. When Will I See You Again
2. You Needed Me
3. If You Leave Me Now
4. When I Need You
5. Knowing Me Knowing You
6. Still
7. When i Child Is Born
8. Do That To me One More Time


Tommy Dorsey & Orchestra

From the "Lush" to the "Swing"...I'll leave it to the back sleeve for all the information !!

another one from across the channel !!!


The 101 Strings Orchestra.

From One England To Another !!!.... a lush selection of traditional "English " folks songs and some very informative information on the back cover !!!...Makes a change !!....Thanks "Bob"


England Dan & John Ford Coley...320 Kbps

Shift back a few years now to 1976 to a "Duo" whose style is similar to "Simon & Garfunkel" & "Cashman & West"....There biggest hit in England was Track No 1 and the rest of the L/P are songs that have been written by them so it's definitely a "Self-Penned Effort"....and its great to hear songs that make sense and have a story to tell !!!

1. I'd Really Love To See You Tonight
2. I'll Stay
3. Westward Wind
4. Long Way Home
5. There'll Never be Another For Me

1. Nights Are Forever Without You
2. It's Not The Same
3. Showboat Gambler
4. The Prisoner
5. Lady
6. Everything's Gonna Be Alright 


Boy George...320 Kbps

Back to the 80's now...I hadn't listened very much to "George" in the past except for his hits so I didn't realise that he has definatly got a "Jazz" influence going on on this L/P !!...and "Helen Terry" is great on the backing vocals....The "Gem" on this one has to be Track 5 on first side "That's The Way" !!!!....Not forgetting of course Track 1 !!!

1. Karma Chameleon 
2. Its A Miracle
3. Black Money
4. Changing Every Day
5. That's The Way

1. Church Of The Poison Mind
2. Miss Me Blind
3. Mister Man
4. Stormkeeper
5. Victims

Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Mrs Mills

Change of pace and style and tempo now !! more from across the channel  a selection of songs from films that will get your feet a-tapping and maybe a whirl or two across the room !! That is if you have room of course !!!


This Is Country Music...320 Kbps

These compilations are getting better and the last one is the best !!....out of the 12 tracks I am only familiar with 2 of the singers !!..the rest are all new to me but I bet your bottom dollar that the CW fans out there have heard of all of them !!...this is definatley full of "Gems" so don't hesitate give it a download and enjoy !!!

1. Jackson...Johnny Cash & June Carter 
2. Big Dummy...Tommy Collins
3. Help Stamp Out Loneliness...Stonewall Jackson
4. I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry...The Carter Family
5. Don't Let Me Cross Over...Carl & Pearl Butler
6. Foggy Mountain Breakdown...Lester Flatts & Earl Scruggs

1. Tonight Carmen...Marty Robins
2. Saginaw Michigan...Lefty Frizzell
3. Deep Water...Carl Smith
4. Danny Boy...Ray Price
5. You Can't Have Your Kate And Ethel Too...The Statler Brothers
6. The Wheels Fell Of The Wagon Again...Johnny Dollar


Billie Jo Spears...320 Kbps

Now this compilation is spot on !!..true the 123 tempo is still hanging around but it has been mixed in with popular hits and cover versions of songs by other singers...and the record company has been generous with a great 22 tracks !!

1. Blanket on The Ground
2. Here You Come Again
3. Crystal Chandeliers
4. What I've Got In Mind
5. Fire And Rain
6. Blue Blue Day
7. Just The Way You Are
8. It's a Heartache
9. All I Have To Do Is Dream
10. This Ole House
11. Tennessee Waltz

1. 57 Chevrolet
2. Cryin' Time
3. I'm Gonna Be A Country Girl Again 
4. For The Good Times
5. I'll Never Love This Way Again
6. Love Of The Common People
7. Silver Threads And Golden Needles
8. Blue Bayou
9. Rocky Top
10. Till I Get It Right 
11. Queen Of The Silver Dollar

Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Charley Pride...320 Kbps

We now go "Country & Western" for the next three posts courtesy of my brother from the "Hoard" that I got a Xmas....not forgeting "Ken & my niece "Nicola"who also made a substantial contribution !!...But now back to the Music !!..can't say That I have heard any of "Charley's" work the name seems familiar but not the songs....The selection that is on this L/P seems to be more or less the same but with different words....the tempo is the same I wish there was a "Gem" on this one but can't see or hear one !!...maybe my ears are not attuned to the 123 tempo !!!

1. I'd Rather Love You
2. Time Your Not A Friend Of Mine
3. Jeanie Norman
4. Anywhere Just Inside Your Arms
5. When The Train Comes In

1. Piroque Joe
2. Was It All Worth Losing You
3. Instant Loneliness
4. This Highway Leads To Glory
5. Time Out For Jesus



Rock Hudson.

This one came from "Bob" as did the "Swing" one and I must say that I was most surprised about the "Rock Hudson" one but it's okay !!..True he has not got much of singing voice but with the help of "Rod McKuen" who wrote the songs and produced it It's an interesting Epitaph !... and well worth a listen too !!.....This was recorded in the early 70's in London !!
True that he is a bit "shakey" on a couple of tracks but after listening to it two or three times it has grown on me and I like it!! will be played a lot !!

VA Swing Is The Thing

We now have some vintage swing tracks that makes up a great nostalgic listening from the 40's which I'm sure will jog a lot of peoples's memories !!


Friday, 4 September 2015

Peter Nero's Love Trip !

The two missing tracks from the "Peter Nero's Love Trip" post is now been posted....

Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Tom Jones...320 Kbps

Second classy singer coming up needs no introduction !!...well into his stride "Vocal Wise"..a mixed selection here showing that he can do the dramatic songs as well as the "Pop"songs of the day also from 1970 !!

1. Daughter Of Darkness
2. I Have Dreamed
3. Love's Been Good To Me
4. Lodi
5. Try A Little Tenderness

1. I Who Have Nothing
2. What The World Needs Now Is Love
3. With One Exception
4. To Love Somebody
5. Brother Can You Spare A Dime
6. See Saw


Engelbert Humperdinck...320 Kbps

Now we have next two first class singers in their "Hey Days" from 1970...the selection of songs are all popular songs of the day....The "Gem" on this one is "My Wife The Dancer"

1. We Made It Happen
2. My Cherie Amour
3. Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head
4. Love Me With All Your Heart
5. Words
6. Something

1. Everybody's Talking 
2. Love For Love
3. Just Say I Love Her
4. Wandrin' Star
5. My Wife The Dancer
6. Leaving On A Jet Plane

Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Max Bygraves & Acker Bilk.

Another singalong from Max this time its a "Duo" with a "Jazz" Band...first side is the crazy side !! second side is the lush slow one !!


Johnny Cash...320 Kbps

Here's a budget release "Electronically Created Stereo" from 1955 via "Sun" records as told one the back sleeve...once again we have that slight echoey thingy that always seems to be on these "ECS" !!

1. Folsom Prison Blues
2. I Can't Help It
3. Country Boy
4. Cold Cold Heart
5. Sugartime

1. Wide Open Road
2. Cry Cry Cry
3. Big River
4. Don't Make me Go
5. Doin' my Time


Lena Horne.

Here's a mature "Lena" in 1988 with duets with "Sammy Davies" & "Joe Williams" and with some good sleeve notes for a change... It's a great selection of songs sung in the "Lena Horne" manner cabaret and "Live" performance mode !!


Peter Nero

Not had any Piano music for a while so here is one of the best courtesy of the Guy over the channel !!


Monday, 31 August 2015

Petula Clark..320 Kbps

Don't think that this is what "Power" requested haven't got the L/P maybe someone out there has...But this is an interesting alternative !!!

1. I Couldn't Live Without Your Love...( Extended Version )
2.  I Couldn't Live Without Your love
3. I Couldn't Live Without Your Love...( Original )
4. Come On Home
5. Call Me...( 89 Mix)


Friday, 28 August 2015

Robert Young

Another one from across the Channel now...first time I have heard this Voice which is strange because although he is now not with us he was popular in the 70's and once again I must have been asleep !!....his voice has been compared to most of the big tenors over the years....Like "Mario Lanza" which I believe sometimes he does sound like him..."Bob" has sent me a couple more so I will be posting them as well have a listen and comments would be cool !!